Woke Up: 7.04 am

Total Sleep Last Night: 11 hours

Silver Lining: The Walking Dead marathon on AMC.

I’ve always wanted a zombie apocalypse. Wow. Okay. That sounds terrible, committing millions of people to some sort of bacterial/brain infection/virus-thingy. Sorry. (I hope you would have lived.) Anyway, back to what I was saying, I had always wanted an apocalypse because I feel like it would bring people together.

Okay. Yeah, maybe not. Zombies would be eating people, there would be mass panic. I kind of have a plan for this- I mean, first, I would go to a Macy’s. Macy’s has everything. So, I’d grab a duffle bag and load it up with clothes, knives from the kitchen department, and shoes- hell, even some non-essentials like shampoo and conditioner. I’d find some rope- because rope is essential if you live in trees, the Hunger Games taught me that- and throw it in the duffle bag. I’d eat my last fast food meal- and it would be delicious.

It’s a pretty basic plan. Unfortunately, I’m not the kind of person who would last long in a zombie invasion. But that doesn’t matter much to me- I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be a zombie.

You see, my feelings on it are that since when you’re bitten, you get infected- and then the brain gets infected. (Plus you die and become reanimated) Not only has the virus reanimated your body but it had to reanimate some primal part of your soul. But, you know, who knows?

Haha. This entry really is pretty lighthearted compared to the others; The Walking Dead puts me in a good mood.

In other news, I had a reduction in my Olanzapine medication, so we’ll see how that effects my sleep/dreams/etc. in the coming months.


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