99% Awkward

Woke Up: 11.36pm, 10/30/2016

Total Sleep Last Night: Unknown

Silver Lining: Let my get back to you on that…

A Life Update

So, it’s been… awhile. So sorry to all of you who have read this thing and found it interesting. That kind of sucks.

I’ve been doing alright, I suppose. Since January of 2015, I’ve been employed by Bread Co. for about a month; then committed a suicide attempt (overdose); my Gram’s died; was employed in Ohio by Cedar Point; then went into a residential hospitalization treatment; and now am back living at home trying to deal with all my angsty life bullshit.

I said earlier in December ’15, that I had some sort of sleeping disorder– I’m not sure how true that is now. My numerous doctors throughout the year and a half had each had conflicting ideas on what my diagnosis is (currently, Major Depressive Disorder and OCD and Anxiety).
I’m on new meds… which I happened to run out of. I’m too anxious to call a psychiatrist to set up an appointment, so I’ve been dealing with self-medicating with old medications I had lying around. Don’t do that. It’s dumb.

I’ve decided that if I’m going to do this whole writing thing, it needs to be more than just about my diagnosis and life and bullshit. So. Let’s write about life thing~.

Onto the Better Things

I’m about a season and a half behind on The Walking Dead. It literally kills me. I can’t sit down for the amount of time needed to binge the rest of Alexandria to get to Negan. It’s like I’m all binged out. Speaking of bingeing, I’ve binged Breaking Bad about 15 times from 2013– but I can never finish the entire show, which makes me have to restart when I too much time passes between when I watch it. It is the most ridiculous thing ever.

I’m thinking of picking up video games again. Lots of video games. Like… ESO or something. I’ve got a PS4 but I have such a limited income that I’m not sure what I want to start with. Any gamers out there have any recommendations for me? I’m into Telltale Games, open world games (such as Fallout or Mad Max), MMO’s, choice based games (such as Beyond: Two Souls). If anyone has anything to recommend, send them my way. I’ve literally played so little games for owning my PS4 it makes me feel ashamed, ahahaha.

So, it seems that the election is coming up… and I’m not going to touch an ounce of that on this thing. Instead, I’m going to rant about something else: Rick and Morty.

Where the fuck is this TV show. I need to watch so much Rick and Morty all of the times. RaM is my shit. It legit reminds me of my life and I need more to figure out what to do in my existential life. (More on that later).


Anyway. That is all. Goodbye.


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