Recommended Dose of the Day

This is something new I’m trying. So I’m doing this thing where I recommend something. Today it’s a movie.

Today I’m recommending the movie Excision, directed and written by Richard Bates Jr. Excision stars AnnaLynne McCord, Roger Bart, Ariel Winter, and Traci Lords. The film won nine awards overall.


On the surface the film seems gory and horrific- but for the wrong reasons. The true horror of the movie isn’t the shocking macabre end or the bloody fantasy scenes (although those are something to behold), but instead the lack of help for mental illness shows how something so simple can turn so dark.

The main character, Pauline, is aware of the illnesses she suffers- even let’s her parents know, but her guardians brush her off without a second thought.

Once you get past the gore of the film and get to the heart- how mental illness ravages the mind and ruins life without proper treatment- the movie becomes something truly grim.

The black comedy of the movie helps bring the film to some light, but in the end, this beautiful story is equally macabre and heart-breaking.

That’s why Excision┬áis something I recommend. Everyone needs to be aware of the toll mental illness can take on people.


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