Dose of the Day

So. I have a lot of opinions– just like everyone else in the universe– because everything someone thinks is their opinion. Today, we’re going to discuss opinions on the Dose.

Daily Dose is a weekly post, hopefully, that I’m trying to do to share my opinions on whatever I feel like.

Today’s post is about a movie called CHIPS.

Let me tell you, it. is. hilarious.

CHiPS (Chips? C.H.I.P.S.?) has the perfect amount of action and comedy. The comedy is completely laugh out loud, balls in the face funny.

Now, let’s be real, if you’ve seen a trailer for CHiPS, you’re not going to think much of it. But the reality is that it was one of the funniest movies I have seen in theaters in years. (And as someone who avidly goes to the movies, that’s hard to say.)

There isn’t much that can be said negatively about CHiPS– it has a great sense of humor along with some action that will shock and amaze you.

For anyone who needs something to see, comedy or action, CHiPS is definitely the thing for you.

Let me know if you’ve seen CHiPs or if there are any other movies I should check out~!


Baby Steps to Changes

Let’s be fucking real here. I’m legit terrible at being a blogger. I’m terrible at putting my thoughts down on paper and keeping up with it.

But that is a-okay. Habits don’t happen over night.

Since I’m talking about habits, why don’t I talk about positive changes that can turn into habits? I’ve done a lot of Pinteresting, ahahaha, and during them I keep coming back to 30 Day Challenges. Some seem a bit silly, but some could be positive reinforcements to a better life.

Here are some of the habits/changes/challenges that I’ve found which could lead to positive life changes.

Less Screen Time – obviously, cutting out TV and computer screen time from your life could positively benefit you in a lot of ways. However, my favorite thing about this is that it helps you become more connected to the world around you.

Tuning Into Life – speaking of connecting into the world around you, tuning into your life is a great mindfulness technique. By tuning in, I generally mean stopping to smell the roses, eating a baguette, and taking your time to enjoy your thoughts and feelings about the world around you.

Taking Time to Treat Your Body Right – they say that your body is a temple. Exercise is a great way to treat it right and take care of your body. Another is to take time to care for yourself with personal care days. Taking a spa day or a movie day– something to care for your mind and your body– is very important.

These are just a few of the ways that small positive changes can happen. These are pretty simple ways as well.

If you have any ideas on how to make positive changes with baby steps, let me know! I’m always open for more information!


Recommended Dose of the Day

This is something new I’m trying. So I’m doing this thing where I recommend something. Today it’s a movie.

Today I’m recommending the movie Excision, directed and written by Richard Bates Jr. Excision stars AnnaLynne McCord, Roger Bart, Ariel Winter, and Traci Lords. The film won nine awards overall.


On the surface the film seems gory and horrific- but for the wrong reasons. The true horror of the movie isn’t the shocking macabre end or the bloody fantasy scenes (although those are something to behold), but instead the lack of help for mental illness shows how something so simple can turn so dark.

The main character, Pauline, is aware of the illnesses she suffers- even let’s her parents know, but her guardians brush her off without a second thought.

Once you get past the gore of the film and get to the heart- how mental illness ravages the mind and ruins life without proper treatment- the movie becomes something truly grim.

The black comedy of the movie helps bring the film to some light, but in the end, this beautiful story is equally macabre and heart-breaking.

That’s why Excision is something I recommend. Everyone needs to be aware of the toll mental illness can take on people.

Let’s Get a Little More… Personal

Woke Up: 8.13am

Total Sleep: 8+ hours

Silver Lining: I’m being super social and hanging with my friends, as well as, have a job interview coming up.

I live in poverty. Okay, no, that is an exaggeration. I live like a college kid– which, technically, I can count as being college aged, so I don’t worry about it too much. I am terrible at food. I eat Spaghetti-O’s on the daily.

I don’t know what to do for money. But, I’m still floating. Like 2 Broke Girls. But I yearn to have fucking savings. Savings would be nice.

Thankfully, I’ve come up with a few ways to stay above the mandatory $5 minimum I’ve set for myself (where I keep five dollars on hand/bank at all times). Some of the ways include:

  • eBay
  • clothing resale
  • odd jobs (such as dog walking, get-paid-to websites, etc.)
  • niche sale sites (I personally buy Japanese clothing, which can have a higher resale value on certain niche clothing sites; things like textbooks and old computer parts make bank as well)

In other news, I’ve decided to start a bullet journal– hopefully I can get my life in order for the new year. I look forward to seeing how the end of 2016 treats me and how to bring 2017 to a great start.

Things like bullet journals can really keep your priorities in track- not only that, but they can be used for literally anything. I’m using my to track Netflix shows I need to watch and movies to see.

99% Awkward

Woke Up: 11.36pm, 10/30/2016

Total Sleep Last Night: Unknown

Silver Lining: Let my get back to you on that…

A Life Update

So, it’s been… awhile. So sorry to all of you who have read this thing and found it interesting. That kind of sucks.

I’ve been doing alright, I suppose. Since January of 2015, I’ve been employed by Bread Co. for about a month; then committed a suicide attempt (overdose); my Gram’s died; was employed in Ohio by Cedar Point; then went into a residential hospitalization treatment; and now am back living at home trying to deal with all my angsty life bullshit.

I said earlier in December ’15, that I had some sort of sleeping disorder– I’m not sure how true that is now. My numerous doctors throughout the year and a half had each had conflicting ideas on what my diagnosis is (currently, Major Depressive Disorder and OCD and Anxiety).
I’m on new meds… which I happened to run out of. I’m too anxious to call a psychiatrist to set up an appointment, so I’ve been dealing with self-medicating with old medications I had lying around. Don’t do that. It’s dumb.

I’ve decided that if I’m going to do this whole writing thing, it needs to be more than just about my diagnosis and life and bullshit. So. Let’s write about life thing~. Continue reading


Woke Up: 7.04 am

Total Sleep Last Night: 11 hours

Silver Lining: The Walking Dead marathon on AMC.

I’ve always wanted a zombie apocalypse. Wow. Okay. That sounds terrible, committing millions of people to some sort of bacterial/brain infection/virus-thingy. Sorry. (I hope you would have lived.) Anyway, back to what I was saying, I had always wanted an apocalypse because I feel like it would bring people together.

Okay. Yeah, maybe not. Zombies would be eating people, there would be mass panic. I kind of have a plan for this- I mean, first, I would go to a Macy’s. Macy’s has everything. So, I’d grab a duffle bag and load it up with clothes, knives from the kitchen department, and shoes- hell, even some non-essentials like shampoo and conditioner. I’d find some rope- because rope is essential if you live in trees, the Hunger Games taught me that- and throw it in the duffle bag. I’d eat my last fast food meal- and it would be delicious.

It’s a pretty basic plan. Unfortunately, I’m not the kind of person who would last long in a zombie invasion. But that doesn’t matter much to me- I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be a zombie.

You see, my feelings on it are that since when you’re bitten, you get infected- and then the brain gets infected. (Plus you die and become reanimated) Not only has the virus reanimated your body but it had to reanimate some primal part of your soul. But, you know, who knows?

Haha. This entry really is pretty lighthearted compared to the others; The Walking Dead puts me in a good mood.

In other news, I had a reduction in my Olanzapine medication, so we’ll see how that effects my sleep/dreams/etc. in the coming months.

The Games we Play, the Ways we Play.

Woke Up: 1.32 pm

Total Sleep Last Night: 12-ish hours

Silver Lining: I made my first round of money off eBay.

So. I have this aunt, she’s overbearing and crazy about health/fitness/diets. She buys things like protein shake mixes and has had a FitBit at least three years before it became popular- she’s, whew, she’s crazy- not because of the fitness stuff, but because of the way she presents herself. She comes off as some kind of Stepford Wife, always putting on a facade for everyone- even herself. I’m getting off topic. My aunt, she doesn’t understand- she doesn’t understand anything that isn’t perfect, let’s put it that way. She doesn’t understand things that don’t fit into her perfect boxes.

As a young adult with mental illnesses and a sleeping disorder, let me tell you, it is the most aggravating thing to talk to her. All she does is ask, “Do you have a job?” Well. No. I sleep too much to hold one down. “What are you doing about school?” No idea at the moment, why? “Well. What are you doing everyday?” Sleeping. Watching TV. Reading. Wondering what the hell I’m going to do with my life. Going to doctors. “You should get a hobby. You know you can sell these things online, right?” Why. Why the hell do I want to sell shit online everyday? “Well you have to do something! You can’t have no income!”

On and on it goes. So, I decided maybe sitting on my ass and doing nothing (like I’d been doing years prior) didn’t have the same appeal- that’s how I started my new hobby. Originally I was just going to get rid of some of the stuff in my house, but then “some” turned into 15 things, and then some things sold. And now here I am waiting to sell some more things.

This isn’t to tell you to go out and eBay or anything- but I had been doing literally nothing; no prospects for a job, nothing to occupy my time besides tumblr, TV, and some fashion blogs.

So, if you’re stuck in a rut; maybe you should pick up a hobby. Crocheting is pretty easy if you want something to do with your hands and to end up with a scarf or sweater. (Maybe not a sweater.) Back when I was younger I used to play MMORPGs to zap up large blocks of time- big pro, staring at a screen for a while makes you tired. If you live in warmer climates (or whenever it’s warm/in the spring) go take a walk; if you have pets, go outside and play with them; learn new areas of your surrounding neighborhood.

The thing about hobbies is that they can be anything- even things you thought you’d never do before.

Let me know in the comments things that you do to keep yourself busy!